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  • Vukan

$500 to $1.5M in a Few Hours - The Best Crypto Trade of All Time?

Updated: Jun 3

Meme coins have been the talk of the town ever since $PEPE came out a few months ago. We've seen plenty of unbelievable memecoin trades with mouthwatering PnLs, but have we just witnessed the best memecoin trade of all time?

On the 29th of July at 22:55 (CET), X (formerly known as Twitter) User @cheatcoiner posted his purchase of $BALD token at a $50.000 market cap valuation.💲

He woke up the next day and saw the value of his tokens go up to $1.5M as the $BALD market cap valuation jumped to $70M. That truly was a GM🌞

Will he take profit? or will he ride the wave and diamond hand to a unicorn valuation? 🦄🙌💎

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Chart to track the price of $BALD:

Follow the trader:

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